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The Personal Passion Online Marketing Course can show you how to turn what you LOVE doing into CASH! It is an opportunity for anyone to improve his or her lifestyles in less than 30 days!

Video conferencing software can take you anywhere you want to go Whether you want to have a private business conversation, a committee meeting, a sales meeting or personal chat, web video conferencing can get you connected around the country, and around the world.

In this video we discuss website promotion and search engine optimization using the Market Samurai Software. We look at why optimized content sometimes does not make a difference to website traffic and search engine rankings, and because there is only so much you can do with on-page optimisation, why developing your link network is a major priority. We discuss how linking to high authority domains can make a big difference in you page rankings. One of the common traps people fall into is the myth that the more links you have the better. This is just not true…

The first step in search engine optimization is to ensure you have the right keywords for your business niche in the first place. Proper keyword research can be a long laborious task, or you can invest a few dollars into some awesome software and have it done with a few clicks of the mouse. This keyword research software will help you quickly identify high traffic, low competition keywords in your niche.

We have put together a sequential series of videos to introduce you to, and show you how easy this software is to use. After you you have watched the keyword research videos and have identified your niche keywords, you will be ready to move to the next step and watch the videos on how to monetize your websites and blogs…

Email alone is quickly becoming outdated, but now you can put the power of a voice and/or text (SMS) message directly onto your customer’s phone! When you visitors request more information or make a purchase from your website, “Phone Follow Up” will not only add them to your email auto-responder… but will also instantly deliver your prerecorded, personalized voice or text message directly to their mobile… and completely automated.

Now you have the opportunity to combine three powerful ways to connect with your prospects… Voice, Text and Email and it’s NEVER been done this way before.

Deliver ongoing voice or text messages directly to their phones on an ongoing basis… on auto-pilot. You can schedule messages to go out exactly when you want them to and follow up automatically… daily, weekly, monthly… its up to you! Having a special event or sale? Send out a broadcast voice or text message to your entire database and get instant feedback.

So now you have done your keyword research and have found a keyword with high search volume and low competition and you now want to include that keyword in a domain name and register it. I just put this short video together for anyone new out there that would like to know how to go about registering a website domain name for the first time.

Buying an aged domain can leap frog you in front of your competition when launching your website and you can often pick up domain names for as little as $5 plus standard registration fees. An aged domain usually has age, back-links, page rank and existing traffic.

Using an article spinner or article rewriter to create unique content for submission to blogs, websites and article directories is important to your search engine ranking. If your submissions are not unique, you risk being penalized or even blacklisted from the major search engines. So where do I find the article writing software best suited to rewriting articles?