Who Else Wants To Make Money From Home But Doesn’t Know Where To Start?

We know we did! We wanted to get out of 9-5 jobs and start living life today… not when we were in our 60s. But we needed an income coming in every month with little to no effort because to be honest, who wants to leave one career and start a new one from the bottom again?

As soon as we looked at Internet Marketing we were hooked! But then came all the hours, the packages, the courses and the questions! We all of a sudden felt like a fly trapped in a spider web. You can easily get caught if you don’t know the signs of when you are looking at the real deal or just being “conned”.

After studying numerous courses (and yes we got caught on a few) and spending thousands of dollars, we discovered there really is no “easy’’ answer but there is a way to get you there faster, and it’s all in getting and using the right tools… and actually using them!

Do you have what it takes to live the dream and make money online?

We have found a way to get out of the 9 to 5 rat race and we are now offering everyone the programs and tools so they can do it too. We have it, and we want you to have it for FREE! Yep, FREE!!!!!! No hidden costs, or traps, YOU just follow the steps and YOU choose where to spend your money.

Introducing the Internet Marketing Dummies Course designed to help you make money from home. Some of the tools you can use for free and others, we are going to let you try out for 14 days for only $1. If YOU think a particular tool we recommend will work for your business, you choose to purchase it.

Get started on our Free Internet Marketing Dummies course now by registering here:


 Get Online Fast Mini Course

We will send you regular emails to keep you up to date with all the latest tools and marketing strategies that will help you with your online business and much of it will be FREE… I like the sound of that!

Don’t have a website or never been online? No sweat! We have put together an easy, step-by-step guide to help you get online fast and make money  from home even if you have no idea how. You can access the guide and a host of other resources right here.

Hello, my name is Paul Holcroft and, together with my business partner Annie Murdoch, we have been studying how this whole online marketing game works over the past few years.

We have participated in many seminars, online training courses and coaching programs, and joined many different programs to further our education and understanding of what makes everything tick and how to fit it all together to work like a well-oiled machine.

What we were looking for was to create a simple easy-to-use program that anyone, mums, dads, friends, business owners, could follow in a simple step-by-step process to achieve the best possible chance of succeeding in an online business. We believe we have come up with the perfect structure to get online fast and start making money, which is what we are all after, right?

We only bring to the table quality products and services that will benefit your business and give you that “competitive edge” that everyone seeks in business.

Something isn’t worth doing unless done well! If you are going to build it, build it with integrity and passion… and be magnificent!

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