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Step 3: Best Web Hosting

Finding the best web hosting provider can be a tricky endeavor as there are many web-hosting providers offering different web hosting packages. After looking through a lot of web hosting reviews we have come up with what we consider to be the best web hosting provider.

The company we have selected has a 12-year track record in offering the best web hosting (currently used and endorsed by many of the Internet’s top marketing entrepreneurs) and is the only company we can find that offers everything you need to get started online all under the one roof. And all for one ridiculously low monthly fee (less than you pay for a cup of coffee a day).

Not only does this company offer the best web hosting solution, it is also unlimited. This means you can host as many websites and blogs as you want, all for the one low monthly fee (this cup of coffee is tasting better already).

Now add to that, a double opt-in prospecting system complete with customizable templates, a bulk mailer with unlimited auto responders, a video producer to create and upload your own videos for websites and blogs, a video conferencing and private video chat platform with the ability to push slides, play videos and desktop sharing, and your own website monitoring software with full resell rights. (Now that cup of coffee is tasting real good right?) Check out the tools here>>>

And now that I have got your attention, lets add to that a professional learning academy where you can learn how to use all these products and receive free mentoring by some of the best Internet marketing gurus on the planet. (This is the best value cup of coffee you have ever had.)

Click the play button on the video below for a video overview.

What if I told you that you could become part of this revolutionary company and share in the profits? Would that be an awesome work from home idea? Could you do with a few extra dollars coming in each month? You can offer this best web hosting package along with a powerful suite of free Internet marketing tools to virtually anyone currently online or wanting to get online and get paid for recommending it. Does your current web hosting company pay you?

Now if you just want to use this awesome package because it is the best and most cost-effective solution for your websites and blogs then please go ahead and check it out here. You can even give it a test run for 14 days for only $1. How awesome is that! There are no contracts to sign you just pay on a month-to-month basis.

But if you think this would be a great business opportunity, then listen up because you are about to be exposed to the best home based business idea on the Internet today! Imagine being able to offer all these tools from the one easy-to-use-location:

  • Unlimited website domain hosting (including dedicated servers) with full resell rights.
  • Automated home-based business leads generator and lead capture system with pre-designed video capable templates.
  • Responsible opt-in bulk email marketing service with unlimited autoresponders.
  • Complete video producer for creating videos for your websites, blogs, social network sites, and product training videos for customers and affiliates.
  • Robust video conferencing center for conducting webinars and private chats with facility for pushing slides during your presentation and desktop sharing.
  • Full suite of pre-designed, customizable templates for your lead capture and advertising campaigns.
  • Website monitoring system to keep tabs on your websites and blogs or monitor your opposition websites.

And imagine being able to offer full access to this awesome package for only $1 for a 14-day trial and if your customer decides to stay, (why wouldn’t they), they only pay $44.95 per month (there’s that coffee again) and can host as many websites and blogs as they wish and get all the free marketing tools to boot!

This one is a no brainer… everyone who has or is looking to get online needs this package… there is nothing else out there like it! The monthly fee is on a month-to-month basis with no contracts… unbelievable!

Benefits: What’s In It For YOU and YOUR Customers!

Get all your websites and blogs hosted for one low monthly subscription

  • Create a flood of new leads for your program, business or service
  • Create quick and easy videos for your websites, blogs and social network sites
  • Stay in touch with family, friends and business associates with video chat
  • Conduct live video webinars to present your products or train new recruits
  • Affiliate Academy filled with easy step-by-step video training and live training webinars
  • Unlimited Income Business Opportunity (Create Residual Income for life!)

Ready to get started? Get Your 14-Day Trial For $1 Here Yes that’s right, as a business owner you get to try it out for 14 days too. There are no joining fees to get your business up and running, you just pay the $1 and if you want to keep going after 14 days (and you will) you just pay your US$44.95 per month fee and you get your business back office plus unlimited website domain hosting of all your websites and blogs and all the marketing tools you will need to get your business off to a flying start.

How quick can I cover my own website hosting cost and start making some serious cash? Watch this video and see how the compensation plan works and how easy it is to make money.

Need More Information Before You Decide?

Need to know more about the best web hosting company? Attend one of our free webinars here Monday to Friday at 2pm and 9pm EST (U.S. time) or fill in your details in the box provided below and we will send you out more details but hurry because this one is HOT!

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