If you are looking for ways how to promote your website or how to promote your blog an excellent way to start is learning how to make money affiliate marketing. And the beast way to do that is through the giant affiliate networks.


So what is an affiliate network and how do they operate?
An affiliate network is a third party facilitator, which brings affiliates and suppliers together. It connects companies with products or services to sell together with those who intend display and promote these products or services on their websites, blog sites and through other advertising mediums like pay-per-click and eBay classifieds.


Affiliate programs are the ideal way to make your website and blog sites profitable and, one of the few ways of making money on the Internet that has managed to stand the test of time. Affiliate programs form an online marketing strategy for companies and suppliers that provides substantially lower up front costs for advertising.


Affiliate programs are very much like commission based sales job. The major differences being you are not limited to one company or range of products you can promote. Nor are you constrained by sales quotes to keep your job and, you can pick your hours to work.


Affiliates place special referral links on their site, driving traffic to your site, all of which is tracked via a tracking link. The affiliate network does all the tracking, accounting and payment of commissions. This is normally when the sales commission reaches a threshold (normally $100).


Most affiliate networks do not charge anything to set up as they get their remuneration via a percentage cut from the supplier. The affiliate networks usually list products that you can promote along with the amount you can expect for each sale plus information on how popular that particular product is in the marketplace.


There are a few different ways affiliate programs work:
1-Tier: One-tier affiliate programs pay commissions on one level only. Lets say a company offers their affiliates a 20% commission and their product sells for $100. This means that for every person that you refer that buys the product, you would receive a onetime $20 commission.


2-Tier: The 2-tier affiliate program is designed so if you are making money and you refer others to the product, they essentially become your sub-affiliate and, because you referred them, the company wants to reward you for that referral.


Two-tier affiliate programs divide the commission made on each sale into two parts. Lets use the example above where a company offers their affiliates a 20% commission and their product sells for $100. In a 2-tier program the first level sale would receive 15% commission and the second level would receive 5%.


Binary System: In a binary system not only do you get paid on your own sales (1-tier) and on those you refer (2-tier) but also you get paid on everyone that they refer and so on to infinity. These are often mistaken for pyramid schemes but are a legitimate way for companies to distribute their products quickly into the marketplace. Click here for an example of how a binary system works: Fit Body Fat Wallet


One of the best affiliate programs worth promoting is binary programs or residual income programs. This type of affiliate program allows you to build your own down-line “sales team”. You receive continual residual income on every sale your sales team makes.


Your sales team in a binary system can really grow quickly and everyone has the same opportunity to build a sales team of his or her own.


With many popular affiliate programs to choose from, look for products and services that will match your websites and blog sites. If your ads are tailored to suit your website or blog, there is more chance of your visitors clicking on one of your affiliate network ads.


Attention Blog Site Owners!
You can now ad an new plug in that will drag products of your choice directly from Amazon, Clickbank, Wal-Mart, Online Shopping Network, Target and many other online giants directly into your bog with all your affiliate links embedded. This is totally awesome! Take a look here: AzonSnatcher


So now that you know what an affiliate network is, here are a few of the bigger affiliate networks you might like to join. Just click on each link and they will take you each of the affiliate network’s home page.


This one is pretty cool as they have a plug in too and it will automatically draw ads to your blogs based on the keywords you insert all with your affiliate links already embedded… pretty cool plug in.

Clickbank Founded in 1998, ClickBank is a secure online retail outlet for more than 50,000 digital products and 100,000 active affiliate marketers.

Commission Junction Commission Junction facilitates and supports equitable, lucrative relationships between advertisers and publishers.

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